DNA Infotel Pvt. Ltd. has an aptitude that extends in assisting enterprise customers for broadband services principally for companies. DNA Infotel is directly assisting in providing services to 400+ clients in the commercial sector. Aside from presenting Internet Bandwidth, we frequently advise our customers to utilize adequate networking equipment for suitable routers, proper switches and compatible firewalls. We further assist in the process of installation and to configure these types of equipment.

DNA Infotel extends internet bandwidth in two contention ratios. Depending on the type an enterprise chooses, 1:4 (Shared) ratio and 1:1 (Pure) ratio are available. Clients select for this that depends on their applications. We are about to present customer care solely for enterprise customers.

If our services and exciting plans interest you, email us on crm@dnainfotel.com

400+ Enterprise subscribers400+ Enterprise subscribers

15000+ Retail Subscribers15000+ Retail Subscribers

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